The Power Of The Song

It Has To Be Considered

It's easy to sometimes forget the reasons why you do what you do. In my case the music. I often get distracted by 'how' I construct the different elements as opposed to 'why'. It's kind of like the footballer who is so consumed with the position of the foot or the angle of the leg that he's forgot he just loves to welly that fucker down field.... Have it!

I'm usually looking at music through a lens of EQ settings, compression ratios, performance arrangements and DIY marketing strategies. I get consumed with the end result. I'm trying to load these melodic bullets with the correct mixture of fuel whilst aiming down the sights of a pre determined path. It's got to be this way, there is no other option. If you want to make something you're proud to stand by then it has to be considered.

All the prep work in the world can only get it so far though. Without a budget or financial backing I can only influence the outcome for as long as I can hold it - once the slug leaves the barrel it travels under its own momentum. It's now at the mercy of the elements - all obstacles, all jet streams, depending through which environment it flys. (Right I'll stop the bullet analogy now, although to be fair, I do try to make tracks that bang!)     A thank you.

52 Bannister Drive

Like any other part of life, this can be difficult and stressful at times, just as it can be rewarding and exciting. On many occasions I have played to empty rooms and people who'd probably prefer me to shut the fuck up. But all that balances out when I get to perform to a crowd that really vibe and get invested.

Come rain or shine, this is my journey and I won't stop. It's part of my make up, I have long since looked past them elusive dangling carrots of fame and fortune as motivators. In my experience they all turned out to be just ginger sticks of bollocks. However, sometimes it's nice to be reminded why you do what you do.

Whilst driving the other day and mentally making a 'to do' list for the album release, I was jolted out of autopilot by a song I hadn't heard in years - Carly Simon's Coming Around Again. As soon as I heard it I was immediately transported back... 52 Bannister Drive... back bedroom... summertime...  a selection of Star Wars figures and a lost little 11 year old kid. I would repeatedly listen to this track and others on my favourite cassette at the time, Now That's What I Call Music 282 or whatever it was.

It was at this point in time my parents were going through a divorce. My dad and sister had already left and my mum was severely ill and in bed most of the time. I realise in hindsight I was lonely and struggling to cope, but the music and whatever toys I had were the only tools I used to escape. Just hearing this song again took me straight back to that bedroom, and although tinged in sadness, it was kind of reassuring. Memories, even difficult ones can feel life affirming I guess.

Then I remember.

This was the reason I got involved in music.

The power of the song.

The power of the song to take you from wherever you are to a place you where many moons ago.

The power of the song to enhance whatever experience you're going through now, so in years to come you can Marty McFly your arse back across decades when you hear that track again on the golden oldie hour.

The power of the song to change your outlook on life and give you a sense of understanding - "They must feel it too, I can hear it when they sing."

"When I were a lad..."

Look, I ain't so pretentious to claim I've found my calling or say something as cringe baggy as "music is my life" (I always gip when I hear anyone say that or something similar). But what I will say is that I'm fascinated and obsessed by taking part and I want to learn as much as I can whilst I can. I dedicate a huge portion of my life to the pursuit of musical enlightenment (so much for avoiding pretentiousness!) and will use it for inspiration, comfort and banging my fucking head to.

I spent the rest of that afternoon searching YouTube for other bookmarks to my life and it brought back a lot of things I ain't thought of in years. Also, in hindsight I'm not sure I was actually as cool as I thought I was, there's some fucking shockers in there to be honest. Partners In Kryme anyone??? The Firm??? No???

To save a bit of face here's a few of the better ones.

"You know, when I were a lad..."