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The Cries Of The Never-Been

Since the arse fell out of the music industry and was replaced by an equally pretty and shitty rump, we soon found out that all the curves and curve balls had shifted and were now in completely different places than before. So if you're anything like me, you joined blogs, mailing lists and bought books full of advice from the new world "industry experts" who now held the keys to the gold and caught up

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The Power Of The Song

It's easy to sometimes forget the reasons why you do what you do. In my case the music. I often get distracted by 'how' I construct the different elements as opposed to 'why'. It's kind of like the footballer who is so consumed with the position of the foot or the angle of the leg that he's forgot he just loves to welly that fucker down field.... Have it!

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And The Winner Is...

As the completion of the album draws ever near, I started to do some research into getting a release schedule together. I mean, the last music I "officially" put out was quite a significant amount of time ago on a independent of which I was never part of the mechanics. This meant all dealings with PR, pluggers and promo was out of reach on my part, not that I minded at the time, but now I find myself in a position where that knowledge would come in very handy.

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