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Uclan Diversity Fringe Event

Uclan - 26/11/15

This coming Thursday I will be performing at the fringe event for Uclan's Diversity Conference in aid of mental health awareness. I will be playing alongside other artists including Nigel Farnworth (Quality Anoraks, The Obvious Bob Corporation), Carl Brown (Shedblaze, The Axions, Herd Of Owls), Patrick O'Sullivan, Miles Salisbury (The Blank Students, Furburger) and Aziz Ibrahim (Stone Roses, Ian Brown, Simply Red, Paul Weller).

Admittedly I feel like a bit of a fan boy as Aziz co-wrote two of many songs I have loved for time - Ian Brown's My Star and Corpses In Their Mouths. 

The event is free to attend and is being held in the Foster Building of Uclan. It runs from 5pm till 10pm with music starting around 7.15.  You can read more here. Hope to see you there.